Matte Attack Grey (Nardo Grey) Wrap Promotion

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Matte Attack Grey (Nardo Grey) Wrap Promotion

Postby Kuvi-GTi » Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:21 pm

Hey ladies and gents

We have been fortunate enough to be able to offer one customer a massive discount on a full vehicle vinyl wrap using Matte Attack Grey (matte nardo grey). Medium sized coupe/hatch/sedans are only applicable, Polo’s, Golf’s, Jetta’s, Up!’s, M4’s etc.

Why not change the look of your car without the need for paint? Every covered inch of your vehicle in vinyl is protecting your factory paint from all natural hazards and weathering, and will not be affected by prolonged sun exposure. Vehicle wrap vinyl is a very durable +-3,5mil thick material and will act as a shield. Say goodbye to minor stone chips, abrasion, and other natural hazards!

Long Lasting, Safe Removal: High quality vinyls ensure a long lasting product that can also be safely removed. The vehicle wrap may be removed safely between the 4-10 year period and will NOT affect your current paint.

Some pictures of the colour on offer:






The vehicle gets stripped as far as necessary to ensure maximum coverage. Bumpers, headlights, mirrors, door handles etc are all removed and wrapped completely around edges and corners.

Please note this is what is called a closed door colour change. Meaning the inner door jams will still remain the original colour of the vehicle.

The time needed with the vehicle would be 3-4 days. As mentioned above, most of the vehicle gets stripped this increasing time needed.

If for some reason you would like to remove the wrap later on, that’s not a problem. The removal process is simple (for a trained professional) and the wrap will not damage the paintwork underneath. Instead it protects the vehicles paintwork from minor abrasions and small nicks here and there.

The total cost of this would be R10 000.00 incl vat. Normal retail pricing for this specific colour is R17 500.00 incl vat for the same sized vehicles.

Texture: Matte Finish
Thickness: 3.9 mils
Features: VViViD Natural Air release, Centerpoint Technology, VViViD Heat fuse, VViViD Resist.
Warranty*: 3 years
Expected durability: 5-7 years.

For any further enquiries on this Promotion or if you would like to view any other colour offerings outside of this Promotion please PM us or email us on
VPS Randburg
Unit 1, Lower Ground Floor, Commercial City, Tungsten Road, Strijdom Park. Tel: 011 791 5004 Cell: 082 533 2209 Email:

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