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M John
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AMD Tuning ! Absolutely Brillliant!

Postby M John » Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:39 am

Hey Guys

I have a G5 GTI stock, 85k’s on the clock. She is in mint condition. I was very hesitant on doing mods as I am a rather fussy person and won’t just let anyone touch my car. Things must be done right.

I spoke to numerous well known tuners at Dragwars, researched on the net, made calls etc. I just did not feel comfortable with the answers to most of my questions. I also felt that I was not taken seriously. Seemed that I was just a number? But one guy seemed to stand out for me, that was Dev Bhikshu from AMD Tuning.

His Red G5 runs exceptionally strong, so I spoke with him and took a liking to the man from the get go. He came across as humble, genuine and a very helpful guy. I took his number and left it at that.

After considering all the big names, I decided to go with Dev at AMD. The BEST decision I have made! We looked at options of going stage 2+ K03, or the K04 route and eventually settled on the K04 option.

Dev assisted and guided me through the entire process keeping me updated on his progress. I dropped my car with him on the Thursday evening, and it was done and ready Sunday evening. I was only able to collect her on the Wednesday. Dev even washed her for me!, totally unexpected! What a different car! I got in and drove her and was absolutely blown away! The attention to detail, quality of workmanship is phenomenal! We fitted new components as I wanted to make sure all was 100%.

Hardware aside, the magic is in the tuning. And boy can Dev tune! The car wasn’t just flashed and left at that. He sat and tuned her till he was 100% happy. I think he is even fussier than I am! The power is smooth and reliable. She is as tame as a poodle and if you floor it, she’s an absolute beast! :dance:

Dev went the extra mile in so many ways. He kept me posted throughout the process, and takes exceptional pride in what his does.
So for all of you guys who may be considering conversions or software mods etc, I would say speak with Dev. The man is a genius with what he does! The results speak for themselves! - Dev’s contact number is 082 468 5669 :clap:

Dyno at GNG (Perfect Power) - Before: 134 WKW, 298NM....AFTER 217.3wkw , 474Nm torque, PM me for a copy of the Dyno sheet if you would like
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Re: AMD Tuning ! Absolutely Brillliant!

Postby Vinylvern » Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:01 pm

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sending me the proof of dyno's. Well done...your car is a BEAST! :alien:

I've seen Dev's red golf run at Tarlton this year and it hauls arse, and I've heard a few other guys on the scene speaking about his service and wide range of knowledge. At the end of the day the figures speak for themselves. So if the boys want some of that, they know where to go.

Hope I dont bump into you on the road boet :lol:

Peace Out!
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Re: AMD Tuning ! Absolutely Brillliant!

Postby Schumie 000SSN » Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:44 pm

Hi Mark

On behalf of the crew at AMD we Salute you and your kind words.

The proof is definately in the pudding and I am sure Dev will get much more out of your car.

Here are some pics of the car Dev took while we were busy with the mods. Though we would have loved to document the whole build we unfortunately could not get a videographer with the proper skills, Lol.




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