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The vast majority of transactions on this site go without a hitch, but unfortunately they are a few people out there who are only to happy to part you with your hard earned cash that should be going towards dubbing.

As far as covering your loss, the VWGTi Club is not responsible in any way whatsoever. However, we can and do take steps to try and sort things out as best as we can. So, take note of the following to try and avoid any issues:

* Get a real name, a physical address, a landline number, basically as much info as you can get as possible.
* Request a photo of the item if there's not one posted.
* Have a look through previous post and topics
* If you have less than 30 post count your thread will be deleted
* Be wary of anyone sending a PM but not replying in the thread - some members have had their posting rights in classifieds removed.
* If you have an issue, contact a mod. Don't post up in the bar. 99% of the time it's a simple misunderstanding that's easy to resolve.
* Please ensure that when you advertise you list price, contact details, pictures and as much info that you can provide for prospective buyers. If a price and contact details are not listed we will remove the thread.
* Please do not post links to other sites. If you want to advertise your stuff here post the details here, if you post links your ad will be deleted !
* This is not Gumtree, if you have an item to sell you are welcome to advertise it as per rules. Posting in threads about knowing people who have items will not be permitted and will be deleted !
* Posting details or advertising non forum advertisers will result in your post being deleted
* Commercial advertising is not allowed on the forum. If you ignore this rule your account will be removed from the forum. If you would like to advertise your product commercially you will need to contact
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Posting Guidelines

Postby MJP » Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:10 pm

The most important one, ALL for sale adverts must have a price. If not, we will ask you to provide one. If that isn't forthcoming, your advert will be deleted. Any further violations, and you'll be stopped from posting adverts. You know what you're selling is worth, or at least what you want for it, so don't ask for offers.

Location location location. It's always a good idea to fill in the location field on your profile. If not, please state where you are located when advertising something. It saves wasting your time, and wasting the time of any potential buyers. It's basic common sense.

Easy on the bumping. Sure you want your advert to remain near the top of the forum so more people will see it, but bumping every day is unnecessary. Every few days will be fine.

Pictures. Whatever you're selling, people will always ask to see pictures before committing to buying, or making an offer. Please try and make an effort to pre-empt this by having pictures when you post your advert. Not everyone has access to a digital camera I know, but please make the effort wherever possible.

The VW GTI Club is not responsible for any losses or criminal activity as a result of adverts placed on the site. If someone rips you off, there's nothing we can do about it. However, if we feel a member has acted dishonestly, then we will remove their posting privileges in the classifieds section.

Traders, don't take the piss. If you have your own company and are selling goods/services, please ask before putting an advert up. 9 times out of 10 we'll allow it so you have nothing to lose. Trying to make money sneakily isn't on though, it's basic manners.

Who makes first offer? Unlike other forums, we don't enforce any rules about who you should sell your item too. If 5 people make you an offer, you can accept whichever you want, it's your item, you decide who you want to sell it to. We'd hope most people would do the "right thing" but that's not always the easiest option.

Feelers. Just no. You're not testing the water, you're either selling something or you're not. If you are, post an advert. If you're just wanting to cock about pretentiously so people will tell you how good your item is in the hope some idiot will offer you way over the odds, just don't bother.

Titles. Be brief, but informative in your advert titles. A short decription of what you're selling or what you want to buy will suffice. Examples such as "car for sale" or "part wanted" are just annoying and you end up with a heap of people with no interest in what you're selling/wanting opening the thread wasting their and your time. Again, it's basic common sense.

Group buys. I don't forsee any problems with this section, but please only post up details of a potential group buy if you're serious about making the effort to get it off the ground.

Wanted ads. This isn't an excuse to boast to everyone what part you want for your car. Be realistic in what you want. If you want brake pads for your car, just go and buy them. If your engine has blown up and you need a new one, someone might be able to help out so crack on. Yet again, common sense is the key.

Descriptions. I shouldn't need to say this, but make sure you provide as full a description of the item as you possibly can, again, it saves wasting time.

One thing that pisses us off is people taking advantage by signing up to the forum just to sell something. It's rude quite frankly, and the regular users will soon let you know about it. Sign up, make the effort to join in with discussions and you'll be more than welcome to sell stuff.

Before you post an advert, ask yourself 'will anyone actually want to buy this?' Car parts, electronic equipment, designer clothing, etc, yes. Half a tin of Dulux, don't be silly...

If you post on this site, it will be assumed that you have read this guidelines, if they are breached then it will be assumed that you're an idiot. So don't breach them

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Postby magardal » Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:29 am

Hi Guys,

Selling my Evoms for G6 GTI,
One month old,


Aldo, 082 991 0361 :like:

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Re: Evoms

Postby Green » Wed Dec 18, 2013 10:42 am

magardal wrote:Hi Guys,

Selling my Evoms for G6 GTI,
One month old,


Aldo, 082 991 0361 :like:

Post in the for sale section please.

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