Major Milestone: Car 200 is a Audi TT RS

Carbon Doctor is a niche business that focuses on the cleaning of carbon on valves and inlet ports caused by direct injection. Other services offered are the cleaning of inlet tracts of diesel vehicles as well as any engine component using walnut shell blasting.


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Major Milestone: Car 200 is a Audi TT RS

Postby George Smooth » Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:49 pm

We reached a major milestone at Carbon Doctor. We cleaned car 200 at our facility in Gauteng. It was great that it happened to be a car we have not done yet and little is known online in terms of Carbon Build up on the RS3 and TT RS. I had a chance to look at the engine layout and nothing major seems to have been done in terms of combating the issue.
We went ahead and stripped the car and found quite a large amount of build up for the mileage. A large amount of the deposit sits on the valves stem and there is a tendency on some of the valves to collect a crust around the top of the valve seat. We have seen this on low mileage TSI motors and it causes a good amount of restriction as the cars have responded well to the clean even though visually they where not "bad" looking. The texture of the carbon was also stickier meaning there is more raw unburnt oil in the mix. This was also evident seeing the intake tract had small pools of collected oil.
The injector tips showed small signs of build up from being in the combustion chamber although all 6 outlet holes where still visible upon close inspection.

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Re: Major Milestone: Car 200 is a Audi TT RS

Postby nemesisG6 » Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:29 am

Awesome work and congrats on the milestone..

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Re: Major Milestone: Car 200 is a Audi TT RS

Postby Porra46 » Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:01 am

Great work Mr. Smooth!!

My cab will definitely be seeing your services once it hits 30k mileage. May just take a while though... Lol!
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Re: Major Milestone: Car 200 is a Audi TT RS

Postby Scorpius » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:43 am

Thanks George!

Here's my detailed review (as posted elsewhere as well):

Prior to the clean I had varying responses and recommendations ranging from "DO IT!" to "This new fad is pointless - the car needs some carbon to run healthy". Searching interwebz yielded no results other than claiming that the RS internals are better equipped to resist the carbon plague of direct injection engines. In the end, I decided to take both the S3 and the RS to George.

I won't comment on the S3 as the results have been consistent with the reviews posted before. The RS in short drives and feels much better! It starts up better, idles better and drives much more smoothly - is it a coincidence his nicksurname is Smooth?

The smoothness is more pronounced in Sport mode which has been notably fidgety with the sharpened throttle response and somewhat dilutive of the driving pleasure. The clean has appreciably smoothed it out to the point that it I love the drive in S (apart from the harshness of the ride on half the tar I drive over).

While I did expect the tiny dips and peaks during a WOT pull to be smoothed out, I didn't expect the improved spool-up and meatier middle-end grunt. This makes Normal mode so much better to drive too! I've always felt Normal mode a bit too lethargic and Sport a bit too fidgety and jumpy - like going from a basset hound to a Jack Russell. After damaging my cable on the same day as getting the car back, I haven't logged it or dyno'ed but my butt dyno and a clearly louder whistle from spool confirms the smoother yet stronger ride.

I haven't noticed any fuel consumption benefit but I don't care. My car feels so much better to drive and drive it I do (that could be why my consumption hasn't changed Wink). FYI I've noticed a 10-20% improvement here on the S3.

Lastly, I just want to note the superior service from George. We had a few complications on the S3 that meant us coming back and forth and me leaving the RS on Sunday, arranging with George to get a lift to pick up on Monday before I get to work. Late on Sunday night, I walk into my garage slightly inebriated after a lackluster Rihanna concert, and was pleasantly surprised that my RS was back home already. George pulled a rabbit out of the hat at the end with both cars! In the time I did spend at his workshop, he was always pleasant and I really appreciated the knowledge he shared and his sincere and full honesty.

George thank you sir. I hope you can impart not only your knowledge to your agents but your impeccable service attitude of doing a job perfect the first time in such a personable way.

For any of you guys considering a clean, don't listen to the naysayers - just do it!
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