Stealth at Dezzi 26/06/2016

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Stealth at Dezzi 26/06/2016

Postby Red Devil » Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:17 pm

This past weekend saw the team out racing again, a much needed venting of shop development and car build time, making its way onto the track at Dezzi in Port Shepstone. It was a two day event scheduled by the Gas magazine crew, and it did not disappoint. Petrol heads from all over the country came forth to claim some strip time and give their vehicle of choice a jaunt down Dezz Gutzeits 400m gauntlet.

Stealth had 4 cars from HQ as well as cars from Dean's NRB operations and Hamza's rear wheel drive, very slippery to get going 335.

This is how they did:

Riaz J in Juiced 35: 10.03@225kmph (not 227kmph)
Once again the fastest stock turbo GTR in the country, Riaz, the stealth crew and Kerwin pulled all stops to get the car ready for the event. Running on a host of new changes since its last competitive outing Juiced 35 proved consistency, firing in 10.0 after 10.0 runs almost all day long.

Karen Sexy mum Zan: 10.5@215kmph
Karen and Teez brought their other child to the racesl this weekend, looking more to have fun before also venturing down the same route as Juiced 35. Karen achieved her personal best at Dezzi, a very respectable 10.5. Lookout for this one, its gonna get faster.

Shuver Golf 7R: 11.9@185 You have to admire Shuver for his patience, he has built his car into the 11's over the last two years despite us saying "just get it done" Patient as hell, as he put in just one block at a time and achieved what he has started out for.

Sherwin Audi 8v S3: 12.4@179 a casual entrance, Sherwin achieved a very respectable 12.4 having done all his prep by himself and running on street tires in full street trim.

Dean z4: 12.945@175.6 Deans aspirated Z4 doing a respectable 12.9. Dean didn't even know he had hit his target and kept going, eventually hitting 3 12.9 second runs and smiling broadly when he learnt of his achievement.

Rumesh M4: 11.4@203 a relatively new development for Deans team but an outstanding achievement at the track. Dean was chuffed to have a BMW running in amongst the VW’s over 400m’s. The new M4 is incredibly impressive.

Rumesh 340i: 12.5@ 184: Rumesh was lucky enough to have two cars at the event, both tuned by Dean in NRB and both performing exceptionally well at the event. The 340 is a new platform for BMW and for Stealth and we are pleased with the numbers.

There has been a lot of banter about the time achieved by Kerwins R35 GTR, with obvious inclinations of competitors hinting at hybrids and questioning the exit speeds the car achieved. While we did manage 225kmph which in itself is an incredible exit for a stock turbo, we would have loved to see exits of 227 or more something that is achievable and will be done in the future.

In closing, while having the title of fastest GTR is a great feeling, it is fleeting, “the fastest” title seems to role over at each event now, such is the level of competition in this sector. The real victory this weekend, for the Stealth crew is the fact that Stealth has now proven it has the ability to take a GTR down to nuts and bolts and rebuild it, tune it, set it up and race to win, all at our workshop in Springfield park.
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Re: Stealth at Dezzi 26/06/2016

Postby MJP » Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:05 pm

Well done guys, excellent results all round. Well deserved !

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