Transmission Mount

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Transmission Mount

Postby PDF_27 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:31 am

How does one know if their transmission Mount needs replacing? My mk6 R is currently on 68 000km, and I hardly used to drive it. I have started using it regularly again and I've noticed when I go over speed bumps, foot off the throttle, I get like a very light sqeak noise coming from what sounds like under the front of the car, around the subframe. If I go over the speed bump with foot ever so slightly on the throttle, no noise. Same thing happens when I'm coming to a fast stop, and the DSG gears down fast, every gear change from 3-2-1 I hear that slight squeak... I've check the downpipe and exhaust and it's definitely not coming from it... It sounds like it's on top of the subframe somewhere...

The noise only occurs when off throttle or neutral over bumps or when the car gears down quickly and the engine shifts in the opposite direction... I can replicate the squeak if I put the car in Reverse with my foot on the brake, and press the gas pedal. Sounds like around the subframe. Seems my downpipe moves quite a bit when I do this so I'm thinking the it's transmission Mount. It doesn't make the noise when I do the same thing but in drive.

Any suggestions before I go replacing the mount?

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