Golf 7 GTi ECU

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Golf 7 GTi ECU

Postby smithcza » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:57 am

Goo day folks

My Golf 7 GTi DSG started giving random "Start Stop System Error" messages. It will go for days without and then out of the blue it will give the error again. Drive for a few minutes, and away it goes.

I took the car to VAGspeccentre in Randburg and they ran a diagnostic. The message that came back is "Replace ECU"

VWSA wants a fortune for a new one. So I got two questions:

Would this error be caused by a faulty ECU?

What options do I have to replace the ECU (that is not going to cost me a fortune)?


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Re: Golf 7 GTi ECU

Postby migz10 » Thu Jan 31, 2019 3:44 pm

That`s a bit of a kak one.

Firstly are you running any software or plug and play units?
I had a similar issue but it was caused by the plug and play and was corrected soon after.

When it comes to the ECU unit, i don`t think it would advisable to get a non "oem" unit if such a thing exists.
Maybe a salvage yard would be your best bet or contact guys that can do repairs on the ECU, i`m sure some one can help out? ... 0827573009
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